About Us

Welcome to ANSi Business Intelligence


ANSi is a business and financial firm with team of dedicated professionals in business strategy, account, finance, technology, research and much more.

At ANSi, we believe businesses should not be run on guesses and that is why we provide data and analyses for micro, small, medium, corporate and government enterprises for making business and financial decisions.

We offer comprehensive business and financial services to our business partners and clients.

Our team comprises of experienced and competent professionals with energy, enthusiasm and courage to lead and deliver quality services to our clients at all times.

We are committed to leaving marks of honour and integrity on every project and venture we undertake.

Engage us today and see tremendous transformation in your business.



To provide innovative and excellent business and financial services to our clients using modern technology at all times


To be the leading strategic business service provider


Confidentiality – We don’t compromise on our clients’ information

Objectivity – Our decision making is not clouded by emotions rather on insight

Timeliness – We deliver our services within the promised time

Integrity – We do the right things always

Collaborative & innovative – We work with other firms and organisations to deliver

Excellence & Superior Customer Experience – We exceed expectations in delivery our services and far better than what our competitors are offering